Mobile escape room

escapeAgators Mobile Escape Room is an interactive and immersive experience. Use teamwork and communication skills to find clues and solve puzzles.

Bringing all your guests to some random location isn’t necessary; we take the experience to the next level by bringing it to you. Our escape room is set inside a 6x3m marquee that transports you into a world of fun.

Interactive puzzles, immersive visuals, and sounds make the experience like no other. We do all the work and bring the fun to you.

Depending on the event we can run 60mins games and 30min games.

Our Games

STRANDED LOGOOPENING SOON: STRANDED!                                     

In 1943 amidst World War 2 , a freak accident saw Royal Air Force bomber Arthur Williams crash his fighter jet onto the sandy shores of this very island! He lived right here upon this island until sadly he passed on. Arthur, a resourceful individual, built himself a shelter, made of things he gathered on the island, a safe haven from the open sea and tropical weather.During the crash the phone within his fighter jet was damaged, he removed the phone from the wreckage and spent many of hours trying to fix it, to allow him to call for help… unfortunately to no avail!

And now here you are, stranded here on this very island! the boat you were travelling in has sunk, you are the only survivors and your only chance of survival is to fix the phone and call for help… everything you need to repair the phone is inside the shelter, where Albert left it! If you are unable to fix the phone within the time limit one can only imagine the ending will be similar to that of Arthur Williams! Good luck!